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Be the envy of all your friends with a Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield for Arduino

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Works with Arduino Unos, Leonardos, Dues, and Megas; also allows I2C-based Uno shields to work with other Arduinos

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This is the one! It's the only proto-shield that satisfies both hobby projects and educational users

Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield System for Arduino

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Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield System for Arduino

What are they?

The great thing about an Arduino is that it’s so easy to use it to interface to the outside world – to monitor the state of sensors and to control actuators and make things happen. As part of this, you often need to add a few components or circuits of your own, and the best way to do this is by means of a prototyping (proto) shield. Unfortunately, most proto-shields don’t make it particularly easy to actually interface wires to and from the outside world. The Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield System for Arduino – which works with Uno, Leonardo, Due, and Mega Arduinos (and also their chipKIT counterparts) – addresses this issue by means of its easy-to-use screw-block terminals.

What do they do?

The screw-block terminals featured on the Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield System for Arduino make it easy-peasy to connect your Arduino to the outside world. Some shields communicate with the Arduino using the 2-pin I2C interface; the problem is that the various Arduinos use different pins to support the I2C interface. Happily, the Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield System for Arduino allows I2C-based Uno shields to work with the other types of Arduino. In addition to facilitating home projects, this Proto-Shield System is also great for educational users – students can implement their projects on their own proto-shields and then share a common Arduino.

Why do I need one?

Max’s latest hobby project is an Inamorata Prognostication Engine (don’t ask). This little beauty features a cornucopia of antique switches, knobs, dials, and meters, all controlled by an Arduino Mega plus a collection of shields. There were two problems: existing Mega proto-shields don’t include screw-block terminals and I2C-based Uno shields cannot easily be plugged into a Mega. Max talked to his chum Duane, a robotics expert who designs his own circuit boards. Between them, Max and Duane came up with the galaxy’s most Universal Proto-Shield System – anyone working with an Arduino (or a chipKIT equivalent) needs one of these little beauties.

But wait, there’s more…

If you are anything like us, you will have a number of Arduino-based projects on the go at the same time. Depending on your mood, you might start working on one, then swap over to another, and swap back again later. The real hassle comes when you have to unplug lots of external sensors and actuators and other devices. Many people end up purchasing multiple Arduinos to get around this issue. This is where the Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield System for Arduino is worth its weight in gold. If you create each project on its own Proto-Shield, then you can use a single Arduino – all you have to do is quickly and easily swap your Proto-Shields in and out.

Who’s Using Them

Screw-Block Proto-Shield for Arduino Used in STEM Competition


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